To form a governing body among ourselves for civics, culture, commerce and economic activities.

Assemble as an international assembly together as independent Nations of our Moorish political states and form an international constitution that shall protect all our piety and deity rights in the lands, air and waters within our ancient ancestor’s territory dominion.

With the government structure created and formed by the blood pedigree people with their votes as free and self-autonomy power  to grow food, fish, raise livestock, use minerals, precious metals and stones as commodities to be monetized in the private sector for finance and funds and also for public offers on the open markets.

Have a constitution, government, our own public elections and national registry/census

If you claim to be of the blood pedigree of any people of the certain section of east -south Africa then you have a right to reparation for mental and physical injuries done to your people over the past 400 years. But if you are claiming to be of the DNA pedigree of the ancient people of Northwest-Central-South-Amexum-Africa-America, South America, and the adjoining island known as Americas you have a right to be paid and compensated with all of your territorial land and estates in the dominion of the Moroccan Empire and all of the aboriginal, indigenous and native peoples territories.

The so call men and women that acknowledge themselves as being blacks, negros, colored and Afro-American people here in Northwest-Central and South Morocco-Amexum-Africa-America don’t know their nationality and have not been taught their own ancient history of the law (Land-Air-Water), of their ancestors.

The nationalized and conscious Moors do not fully know the security and benefits of their nationality and as a result they are not willing to work together to uplift our people.

Our youth are not under the proper legal status category. They are not recorded in their proper person Moorish nationality status. They are recorded as black, negro, colored and African American in the United States Census Bureau. There is no national government, society or community that is presenting them in their proper party Moorish nationality status.

There is a silence acknowledgement between the private societies, lodges, temples that are the controllers of the colleges and other educational institutions which structure devices, activities and curricula to control the masses of our people for profit for gain and annihilation through the media and agencies, de facto governments and their representations.

First and foremost ownership of land is by right of the ancient people receiving ownership rights from the legislature authority of the celestial realm. One can either contract that right away or have it taken by force, psychological coercion or social engineering.

The spirit and divinity that is in man that brings one into alliance with the cosmos and inspire one to honor the Earth and one’s foremother and forefather in what they established as an inheritance for themselves, their kinsmen and descendants.