Claiming Our Moorish Estate

The United Res Publica of Morocco is the assembly vehicle used to navigate the various Moorish body politics/states into one inter-political central body restoring our Moroccan Imperial Government structure and therefore positioning ourselves politically to function the sovereign power once controlled by the Moroccan/Moorish Emperors.

Based on ancient government operations, a national caucus pertaining to our Moroccan Empire Government structure is of more than one Moorish political body coming together to form a central body compose of many Moorish body politics among ourselves to be recognize as sovereigns in the Moroccan/Moorish Empire Dominion.

An Inter-political constitution will be formed from our Moorish political states by representatives elected by the Moorish-Moroccan people or by supreme authority whom will exercise collectively the sovereign power and authority that the Moorish Dey, Bey (Indigenous Aboriginal people) operated in unity with Emperors/Sultans once exercised before the dismantling of our Moorish government and the usurpation of our Moorish sovereignty.
When the sovereign power of an empire or kingdom that ruled over a host of kingdoms in their territorial domiciles diminished, the kingdoms/nations result to self-determination and autonomy power among themselves.

When Moorish Emperors relinquished their sovereign power over the Moorish kingdoms in the territorial domiciles they once conquered and controlled, we, the Moors, have a right to govern among ourselves and form an inter-political assembly/caucus with an inter-political constitution that would act or take the place of the sovereign power that the Moroccan/Moorish Emperors once claimed.

The inter-political constitution will be the structured governmental body that regulates authority over all the Moorish political body politics/states by the structured language in the inter-political instrument.


Why did the Caucus create a seal?

The United Res Publica of Morocco seal is the symbol that shows our political states coming together to form an inter-political caucus under the Moroccan Empire flag, and the seal will give notice to the political states of the international world governments that we, the Moors, are all a part of the Moroccan Empire pursuant to blood pedigree DNA title rights.

The Seal is derived from the customs, agreements, symbols and culture established by our foremothers and forefathers of the 117 Articles Great Law of Peace – Iroquois Confederacy self-named Haudenosaunee (“People of the Longhouse”).

Red, White and Blue: The colors red, white and blue are derived from Sirius the Dog Star and Heka Phtah (Egyptian) sovereignty.

Gold: The color gold is related to the sun whereas silver is related to the moon.

American Eagle: The American Eagle is our native symbol which represents our ability to see far and all around us.

Great Seal Pyramid: The Great Seal Pyramid with the Eye of Providence (to see forth) attached which represents our ability to see into our future. The current Great Seal Pyramid’s Eye of Providence is detached that denotes the autochthonous people don’t have the ability to see forth.

5 Arrows: The 5 arrows will rest in the right talon of the Eagle to represent the Iroquois Confederate Nations which the 117 Articles of Peace created the Constitution.

Wampum Belt: The Wampum Belt will rest in the left talon of the Eagle to represent the Pacta sunt servanda (“agreements must be kept)” a method in the Iroquois Confederate Nations upheld their agreements.

Crescent Moon and Venus Star: The Crescent Moon and Venus star over the head of the Eagle represents the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God which is our moral principles of civilization as well as government.

Ankh: The Ankh is a combination of the Egyptian nilometer and the oval represents the plentifulness and regeneration of agricultural in the Nile Valley civilization.

12 Zodiacs: The Zodiac is a ban of 12 stars constellation.