What is government structure?
When people come together collectively and express their Will among each other forming a political relationship that is laid out in document form and allows them to communicate with other governments on matters effecting their country domestically and internationally.
How is government established?
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Why do the Moors have the right to self-government?
The Moors are the blood pedigree of the ancient people that domicile and was conveyed North America through the power of the celestial realm.

The people coming together collectively to elect certain women and men who are entrusted with a portion of their confidence to carry out certain duties with the delegation of authority to be held liable and obligated to the constitution that determines the power and limitation of the elected officials in relationship to the people collectively.

The people of the same blood pedigree nationality come together collectively and express their free will and affections towards one another to create and build a communication bridge that will enable them to organize and build structure.  The inherited right of the people of the same blood pedigree, nationality, individually or collectively to determine their own political, economic and commercial destiny.

Limited government is defined as a governing or controlling body whose power exists only within predefined limits that are established by a constitution or other source of authority.

A constitution is a chartered vessel contract that functions as a social public trust that the people of the same blood pedigree nationality of a specific society or community has a confident and faith by the articles embodied in the instrument for their benefits and safeguards. It is a written and oral expression of the will of the people establishing the following principles of unity and safeguards:

*Forms an alliance

*Expresses the Will of the People

*The public social trust of the people

*A confidence of the people

*Establishes and maintains public order

*Establishes the protection of the people

*Embodies the structure and function of the government

*Embodies the fundamental rights of the people

*Embodies strict judgments

*Regulates Commerce

By setting up public officials, ministries, and agencies for the function of the government to carry out the people’s intentions and will for balance in their communities and societies.

The legislative and executive branch of government formed by the independent people forming its own states with the self determining power collectively through the election process. The people elect their representatives to negotiate, communicate, form international treaties, and agreements with foreign nations or religious societies of the blood pedigree possessing allodial title in their ancestors land and estates as their inherit rights to the estates, and ordain and select their ministers, ambassadors, councils and religious overseers to discuss international affairs.

Government in which the supreme power is held by the people and used by them directly or indirectly through representation.

An electoral system where citizens vote to elect people to represent their interests and concerns. Those elected meet to debate and make laws on behalf of the whole community or society, instead of the people voting directly on laws and other debates.

The most important benefit of a representative government is that individual citizens, or groups of citizens, are given a voice in their national political system.

A government is the system or group governing an organized community, often a state. In the case of its broad associative definition, government normally consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary.