We the Moors of Morocco who have been classified in the United States of America’s Census Bureau constructed race category as black, negro, colored, African American and Indian which has politically denationalized the Moors that violates the International Peremptory Rights (Jus Cogens) .


The Moroccan Government that is being restored by the Moors in operative sovereign capacity as the heirs and public ministers-ambassador for the Additional Protocol (Signatures Powers) to any Moorish Treaties, International Acts (RIGHT TO PROTECT MOROCCO, GENERAL ACT OF ALGECIRAS, Et Al) as the Deys, Beys and Wazir/Vizir-Governors’contracting parties forming this central governing body. 


We the direct descendants of Moorish consanguinity to the land of Morocco known as Turtle Island and Atlantis within the North West and Southern Hemisphere has been in a long struggle to declare our right to postliminy functioning in our absolute sovereign power to determine the future of our nation’s  benefits and protection.


We hold true to fulfill the principles of Jus Cogens through the demonstration of political legitimacy so as to protect the poor and forsaken Moors in the Empire of Morocco and British political zones in the Western Hemisphere that the collective inherit power of Moors to hold the key to our safeguard and the progress of future generations.