Course Curricula

Mission Statement

“In manifesting, the mission of Academy of Providence is to promote the restoration of critical thinking which is molded in the epistemological tradition of conventional education.  Through the illumination of the past to anticipate the future generations will yield unto their intellectual, creative, philosophical and intuitive mind.” –  The Founders

The 10-Week Course is designed to outline “the right to self govern” that is derived from Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  Sui Juris is a Latin phrase the means self law which is ones inherit right to govern oneself.   Ones inherit right to govern oneself is not derived from government.  Government is established to protect ones inherit right.

The Course Outline consists of the following structure:

Week 1: Introduction to Etymology and Jurisprudence

Week 2: Grammar and Semantics

Week 3: Principles of Contract

Week 4: Jurisdiction and the Ruling Principle of Law

Week 5: International Norms and Jurisprudence

Week 6: Filing Petition and Quo Warranto in Federal Court

Week 7: Petition of Removal Pursuant to Treaties

Week 8: Letter of Rogatory

Week 9: The Major Writs

Week 10: Mock Case/Review

The 7-week Course is designed for the Student to learn how to restore the Power of Self and Community by learning the difference between Originalist (Etymology) and Constructionist (Semantics) Approaches used in the interpreting legal cases and their connection to restoring and suppressing Jurisprudence (Ancient well settled Law and Jurisdiction – Power and Authority to Speak Law, Hear, Decide on Legal Cases as well as the Establishment and Determination of Political Boundaries and Authority.)

Course Outline consists of the following:

Part 1: 

  • Parts of the Sentence and Questions they answer
  • Comparing Latin and English Grammar
  • Sentence Types and Sentence Structures
  • Phrases: Gerunds, Participles and Infinitives
  • Clauses: Noun, Adjective and Adverbial Clauses


Part 2:

  • The Family of Root Words
  • Prefix and Suffix Rules

The 12-Week Course is designed to provide the students with the knowledge of the Divine Source which all contracts are formed before they are put into writing or expressed.  Also, students will learn the Uniform Commercial Codes dealing with Securities, Negotiable Instrument, Real Substance and Entitlement Rights.  Furthermore, the students will be taught the basis of contract through treaties, trust agreements, constitution and bylaws.

Instructor: Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey

Date: Every Saturday starting January 16, 2021 to February 27, 2021

Time: 12pm – 2pm EST

Eleemosynary Tuition: $50

The 7 week Grammar course is designed to strengthen the students writing skills through the Study of Grammar. This course will provide the students with the foundational writing skills that will aid them in several areas including writs, affidavits, dispositions, and administrative governmental affairs, such as, drafting letters of rogatories, resolutions, proclamations, declarations, constitutions, minutes, and committee reports.

Instructor: Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey and Shem Malachi Bey

Date: Every Saturday starting April 17, 2021 to July 3, 2021

Time: 12pm – 4pm EST

Eleemosynary Tuition: $300

The 12 week Sui Juris course is designed to learn the principles of how Moorish treaties benefit the Moors as creditors and protect them from being debtors of a foreign power. Further, the students will be taught how Moorish treaties are enforced through government structure. In addition to treaty and government study, students will learn how to structure, file and serve cases; write writs, answers, affirmative defenses, reconsideration, and memorandum of law. 

Course Outline: 

Classes 1 and 2: Constitutional and Governmental Principles

Classes 3 and 4: Treaty Study and Diplomacy

Class 5: How to Use the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and States’ Rules of the Court

Class 6: How to Read a Law Case 

Class 7: How to Structure a Civil Complaint

Class 8: How to Draft an Answer to a Summons

Class 9: How to Present Defenses

Class 10: How to File and Serve the Complaint, Summons and Answer

Class 11: Summary Judgment 

Class 12: Corporation Sole

Instructor: Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey

Date: Every Thursday starting June 17, 2021 to September 2, 2021

Time: 7pm -9pm EST

Eleemosynary Tuition: $100

The 12 Weeks Grammar Course is designed to aid students in improving their reading and writing skills by teaching students how to write and analyze noun, adjective and adverbial  clauses. Through this intensive study, students will be able to read long sentences in treaties, agreements, conventions and other lawful instruments as well as books written in 1600s, 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s.

Instructor: Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey

Date: Every Saturday starting July 24, 2021 to September 4, 2021

Time: 12pm -3pm EST

Eleemosynary Tuition: $100

The 7 Weeks Etymology and Semantics course is designed to teach students the difference between positive law and negative law and how constructive language is used to reshape jurisdiction to deprive the people of their inherited rights. Furthermore, students will be taught how “present day meaning”, “common understanding”, “ordinary meaning”, “plain meaning”, “established meaning” and “constructive meaning” supplant the originally established and true meaning of words distorting ancient jurisprudence, ancient matriarchal and matrimonial systems, world history and the true nature of religion. Moreover, students will learn the methods of how words are reconstructed from one language to another, thereby gaining insight into the morphological connection among the variant forms of a word in the different languages.

Instructor: Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey & Shem Malachi Bey

Date: Every Saturday starting September 25, 2021 to December 11, 2021

Time: 12pm -4pm EST

Eleemosynary Tuition: $300

The 12 Weeks Contract Law Course is designed to teach students governmental procedures dealing with diplomacy and international law.  Secondly, students will be taught how justices and jurists weigh in on the facts and merits pertaining to treaties, acts, Covenants, conventions, constitutions, and agreements affecting nations whenever there are disputes based on the the agreements or contracts signed between two or more nations.  Finally, students will learn the principles, procedures and remedies pursuant to international law and adjudication (collateral estoppel).

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